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There are a few ways you can contribute a quilt block. No quilting/sewing experience required! You can use glue (also good for young kids) or needle + thread.

- Pick up a kit (location)
- Do-it-from-home
- Workshops (coming soon)
- Piece a block (quilters) - 5.5” x 8.5”* block + back panel. See instructions for prompt.
*unfinished size, allow 0.5” seam allowance in design

*Note: The physical assembly and quilting of the blocks will be done by coodinator + volunteers. If you’d like to be involved in assembly please reach out!

Quilt Block Kit

Each kit includes: base fabric rectangles x2, assorted fabric scraps, yarn, needle + thread and instructions. See pick-up to find a location near you.


Make a quilt block without a kit by cutting your own base fabric. Fold a peice a paper in half (making a ‘hamburger fold’) to use as cutting template. Cut 2 fabric rectangles measuring 5.5” x 8.5.”

Then follow the Instructions below. When finished, mail in your block or drop off at a local business. Text format + image-based instructions are available.