~  submit your quilt block ~  deadline: April 30, 2021                                                                               ~  submit your quilt block ~  deadline: April 30, 2021                            


Instructions (form included in kit) :
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From Behind The Mask
A Community Quilt of COVID-19 Stories

 Page 1: 

The Project

We are all experiencing the pandemic in different ways. From Behind the Mask looks to uncover the stories of our community during this time. We use a quilt as the form-work for these stories. The quilt uses a simple rectangular block - symbolic of the mask. The blocks will be tied together, showing our physical distance and representing our social ties.

This is an opportunity to come together - while apart - and make something that will remain as a memorial, acknowledge inequality, and act as a starting point for healing.

Thank you for adding your story to the community quilt!

*Note: This is a public project, please make sure to use appropriate language/images.
When Finished

Place all pieces back in the envelope (including leftover scraps, thread, needle, and this instruction card with your quilt block format indicated on the back), and return. Check for collection locations on the website or mail the envelope to the pre-written address. It takes a regular postage stamp (or an overweight mail stamp if more than 30gms).

What Next

Once your quilt block pieces are returned, they will be assembled by quilting volunteers. Once complete, it will be photographed and added to the From Behind the Mask online gallery of quilt blocks! Check out the project online, and keep watch in your city to see where quilt pieces are being displayed.

 Page 2: 

The Prompt

From when the pandemic started, back in March, until now, what has changed the most in your life?

*Please only complete 1 quilt block for this project*

Included in the kit are two large fabric rectangles, decide which is the ‘front’ and ‘back’ piece of your block. (You can chose either portrait or landscape format) Decorate only one side of each, do not alter their size or shape. Leave the edges of the pieces clear for assembly (approximately the width of your thumb). *Do not sew the front/back pieces together.

On the front fabric:
  • Create an image based on the prompt
  • You can use any/all of the assorted scrap fabrics and yarn included in this kit.
  • You can use paint, markers, pens, and/or additional re-purposed materials you have. *Avoid adding heavy items (buttons, metal, etc).
  • Stitch with needle + thread (included) or use white glue to attach your image to the base fabric.

*If you are a quilter you can piece a quilt block to the same dimensions: 5.5” x 8.5,” (seam allowance 0.5”)
On the back fabric:

  • With a marker or pen please write the name of your city (add your current location if you’ve been displaced from Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo due to COVID-19).
  • Optional: write your name,  a sentence, phrase, poem (or dedication) in reflection to the prompt.  
  • “Anonymous” will be written on blocks without names.

Your Design

Check the box that indicates your quilt block’s orientation below (portrait or landscape). (Optional) Sketch your design below to indicate which edge is the ‘top.’

(If completed without a kit, just slip a note inside if you’d like).