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Frequently Asked Questions
Browse the questions below, if your question hasn’t been asked, shoot us an email.


Do I need to know how to sew?
No! There is no sewing experience required. This is a “no skills” required project designed to be as inclusive as we can. You can paint, glue, use pencil crayon - get creative!

Can I make more than one?
Please only contribute one quilt block per person for this project. We aim to tell as many different stories as we can. If you have the quilting bug, we suggest starting your own mini pandemic quilt!

Do I need one of the kits?
No, you are welcome to make your own block from home using old/under used fabric. Learn how to quickly cut your own material here, and see the project instructions! 

Where can I get a kit?
(Requests are now closed)

Do I sew/quilt the block pieces together?
No, please leave the front and back fabric pieces seperate when you return them. The blocks are constructed in a unique way for this project and will be assembled by the project co-ordinator and volunteers.
*If you alread have attached them, don’t panic. We’ll translate the text on the back onto a new back fabric rectangle and sew together!

I’m part of a group - how can we participate?
Please reach out to coordinate, and let us know how many people the kits are for!

What is the deadline for returning quilt blocks?
The deadline to submit a quilt block is April 30, 2021. Please consider submitting early so we can sew it up and encourage more people to return their blocks too!

Where can I see the quilt blocks that have been submitted?
We display the incoming quilt blocks right in our Instagram stories! Once we’ve sewn them and photographed them, they appear on our virtual interactive quilt gallery!

When will the quilt be displayed?
The full quilt will be shown starting May 21, 2021 at the Homer Watson House and Gallery. See Exhibitions for details.

Where will the quilt be displayed?
1: The Homer Watson House and Gallery

The final quilt will be displayed in publically accessible locations, travelling between Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo. These will be free to the public, acessible, and on public transit routes.
Segments of the quilt will be installed in windows of different public locations prior to the larger installation. Details to come!

See Exhibitions for details.

Do I have to live here to participate?
The project is open to everyone who lives, works, studies, etc in the area known as Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo. This also includes people of this community who have been displaced from the area due to COVID-19, (ex. post-secondary students). If you self-identify as a member of this community you are welcome to submit!

We’ve tried to keep it very open to the people who’s lives are rooted in this place, the place we face this pandemic together.  

Where can I find out more about the project and how it got started?
We’ve now done a few interviews and have been featured in local news and print! Please see our media page for links to articles and videos.

How can I donate fabric to the project?
At this point are no longer taking material donnations. Thank you to everyone who supported the project with fabric!

How else can I get involved?
Volunteer opportunities are currently being arranged for the begninning of 2021.
We’d love to bring the project to more people, and that’s where you come in! We need help in the following areas, please reach out if you’re interested!
  • Sewing blocks (experience req’d)
  • Sewing straps (making bias tape)